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Notarial Services

A Notarial appointment is a separate and distinct element of legal service in England but the role of the Notary is expanding with increasing demand for both commercial and individual purposes, due to the Single European Market, widening trade generally and increased personal mobility.

The prime role of a Notary is to authenticate and validate, as an impartial and legally trained witness, the execution of documents required or intended for use outside the UK. The requirements vary from country to country but by virtue of the international status of his office, the signature and seal of a Notary is recognised as evidence of a responsible legal officer in most countries of the world.

Notarial Functions include:

  • Notarising documents in connection with foreign sales, purchases, probate and litigation matters.
  • Authenticating and execution of documents.
  • Attesting the signature and execution of documents.
  • Authenticating the contents of documents.
  • Drawing up or noting protests of happenings to ships, crews and cargoes.
  • Taking evidence in England and Wales as a Commissioner for Oaths for foreign courts.
  • Verifying the making of translations from foreign languages to English and vice versa.

More information on the duties of a Notary can be found at www.thenotariessociety.org.uk