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Family Law

Family breakdown is a very emotional and stressful time for all of the family.

We aim to be efficient and can usually offer a consultation within one or two days of first contact with our Offices and we offer advice in the following areas:-


To advise on all issues relating to divorce, procedure and preparation of all necessary documentation.

Children Matters

To help resolve contact and residence issues sensibly and to cause minimum distress and disruption to the family. Deciding whom the child/children should live with and when they should see the absent parent is by nature a difficult decision. Focussing on the best interests of the child/children should remain the priority.

Financial Settlement

Our aim and approach is to secure a speedy and amicable resolution with minimum upset. This is achieved through negotiation and/or mediation and/or full disclosure and Court proceedings if necessary. We try to achieve an agreement that is fair and acceptable to all.

Pre-nuptial agreements

Although not yet legally binding, recent case law suggests that the Courts may uphold or at least consider such agreements. We can offer advice and prepare agreements to suit individual needs.

Cohabitation disputes

With the increase in cohabitation we can draw up agreements and help resolve disputes relating to joint property through negotiation or, as a last recourse, Court proceedings.

Domestic violence

We aim to offer the quick support and help needed to the vulnerable. Our Solicitor Angela chaired the Asian Women’s Association and worked closely with victims of domestic violence.