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Job Vacancies

1   Private Client Solicitor required  for our Hornchurch Office. 2   Legal Cashier based at Hornchurch Office. Email CV to law@sackvilles.co.uk.

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We recognise each case needs individual advice in order for it to be quality advice...

“Immerman v. Immerman” (2010) EWCA CW908

How have you obtained some of your information relating to your spouse’s finances. By chance? By improper means? Beware as this case has changed the way such information can be used in Court proceedings by you or your Solicitor. You may say you have done no wrong as it is your spouse who has failed […]

Tesco Law

“Tesco Law” a brand name for provision of legal services. Can legal advice on personal matters be “branded”. Individuality, personal circumstances and time surely determine the advice and running of your case.